Fox Mowing NSW’s Lawn Services will Maintain and Repair Your Existing Lawn

One of the most important aspects of growing a healthy lawn is to understand the chemistry behind your soil. Your lawn is a living organism and requires a few things in order to become healthy and remain healthy. Your lawn requires regular health exams, food, and it needs to be trimmed. If you are not familiar with your lawn as a living organism , or the chemistry behind your lawn, contact Fox mowing NSW Lawn Services, we will maintain and repair your existing lawn!

Even if you hire a lawn care service, you will still need to understand some basics about how your yard lives and what it needs.

Pests may be annoying to you, but they can be detrimental to your lawns health. Your lawn will need to be treated with insecticide and watered. This will help to get rid of pests temporarily, but they will likely come back if you do not build up your lawn’s natural defenses.

Everyone faces a weed problem from time to time. While it is a serious pain, it is not the end of the world. The important thing is that you tackle the problem as soon as you notice it if you plan to put an end to the problem.

Weeds are terrible little things and they will take over at a moment’s notice. By tackling them with full force from the beginning, you can eradicate the problem before it becomes severe. You can do this by pulling out larger weeds by their roots.

Certain varieties of weeds can be killed with broad-leaved weed killer.

Your lawn will need to be fed if you want it to grow lush and green. Whether you choose a chemical fertilizer, a liquid fertilizer, or an organic fertilizer, you will be providing the nutrients your lawn needs to become healthy and green.

Once your lawn is healthy and green, you will still need to feed your lawn on a regular basis. This is because the nutrients are absorbed by the grass as it grows, which slowly depletes the benefits of the fertilizer that you have used.

Watering Your Lawn
Your lawn needs plenty of water in order to thrive. Lawns do not have to be watered daily, this will not help them become strong. Watering your lawn once a week, and ensure that you are deep watering. Deep watering will penetrate the soil at least 250mm. This is considered deep watering. By watering this way, you are helping your Gardening Services Warners Bay envelop into an independent being. Each blade of grass will develop deeper roots; it will also become used to dry periods when there is less rain.

Aerate Your Lawn to Provide Benefits
If you think feeding and watering your lawn is enough to keep it alive and well, you are mistaken. You will need to aerate your lawn or poke holes in it using a special machine. By aerating your Gardening Services Carlingford , you are allowing more oxygen to reach the roots. These small holes will also allow water down into the soil easier. It will also help you prevent weed outbreaks. If weeds do rear their ugly heads, they will not have a chance to tighten the ground, which is what kills your grass.

Now that you have a better understanding of what your lawn really needs, you can decide whether you are up for the task, or whether it is time to call Fox Mowing to take care of your lawn care needs.

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