Ransom Attack on Hotel Room Door Locking System

The European topmost hotel had confessed they had to pay thousand-euro in Bitcoin ransom. When the cyber attacker hijacked 100 guest room locks with 180 guests.

When was the last time you reached to use a perfect key to unlock your hotel room door? It’s not been close time. Computerized hotel key cards system took the place ago. Mostly, that is an excellent convenience, both for room guest and hoteliers that are until someone hijack the system that controls the locks.

This is the occurred with famous, 111-year-old Romantik Seehotel Jaegerwirt hotel in Austria. However, it was not the first time, it happened 3rd time with that hotel, targeted by the hacker. One time the cybercriminals had breached the key cards systems, hotel room guests were unable to enter their rooms and front desk staff couldn’t have reprogramed cards except for sorrow.

Because Mr. CB said,” The house was totally packed with 180 guests, they were unable to come out from hotel guest room and key cards does not exist at all. But Managing Director Christoph Brandstaetter has emphasized, due to some technical defects that the cards are not working, the guest room locks can be opened from the inside.

Finally, the hackers had keep demanded in front of that hotel, over 1500 Euro’s and payable in Bitcoin naturally. “They had no other options, neither police nor insurance helps them in this case”, said Managing Director Christoph Brandstaetter.

After paying up the hackers all the hotel room door locks came back in normal condition and work smoothly with same key cards.

Yet according to the hotel, the hackers must have left a window to open the system, and tried to attack system again. So they were not want to give them a single chance by mistake. They decided to change the system at once, all computer system, hotel room locks system had been replaced and reinstalled the new latest version security standards integrated and set up the new RFID locks to the guest room.

Although, the new Electronic smart RFID door locks purchased from the one of the best Japanese Company “SATO.” SATO is famous for top quality locking system and security solutions, that provides at competitive price range across the globe.

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