Military divorce is different from other divorce cases. If any one of the partner or both the partners working in the military, then the lawsuits will vary on every perspective. It is also applicable for the retired from military service. So it is very essential to consult a divorce attorney, who has exclusively practiced in military divorce cases. Monahan law Firm, PLC is the most prominent law firm in Arizona. They give the free consultation as well as the valuable suggestions, which will be very useful in making decision of military divorce case. The divorce attorneys will help in each legal matter such as filing the divorce, submitting the records of property division, etc.
There are three possibility locations to file military divorce case. They are residence state of the spouse, who files the case, the currently stayed state of the active military spouse and the legal residence of the military spouse. So it is very complicated to handle all these legal formalities and other perspectives of military divorce case.
Military Divorce
If the spouse is busy at war or other military works, the divorce petition could not be accepted or the partner should wait until the military works get completed. In case of retired divorce, the lawsuits will vary depends on the state, they applied for the divorce. If the marriage relationship lasts for more than 10 years, then the pension amount of the former military person at the time of retirement will be divided to his spouse. Monahan Law Firm will guide you save your rights and get divorced without facing any emotional issues.
Military Divorce Lawyer
A military divorce lawyer is a divorce lawyer, who has specialized in military divorce cases. They are well versed in the various legal matters of military divorce case. Monahan Law firm is the preferable firm to get proper justice on military divorce. The military divorce consists of many issues such as pension division, child custody, child alimony and etc. They tackle all these problems with well planned strategies to bring more benefits to the clients. Divorce leads to many emotional issues. So they will serve you with very flexible consultation and guidance.
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