Ken Orr, Vice Chair of Shooters & Fishers Party Tasmania, has expressed outrage at recent news that the EPA has actually facilitated an increase in the Biomass Loading Limits in Macquarie Harbour.

Ken Orr said, “Alarm Bells are ringing across the State with this decision.”

If the EPA refuses to regulate Tassal in Macquarie Harbour, what is the prospect for Tasmania’s East Coast, and our pristine Okehampton Bay.

Macquarie Harbour has tanked, and the EPA’s response is to increase the overall Biomass Loading Limits Orr said.

If stringing a tarp beneath the pens, catching fish faeces and waste, was a problem solver, why hasn’t it been done in years gone by, to prevent seabed destruction?

It appears Tassal has done significant and long term environmental damage through overstocking their leases, and now the regulator is giving them a free kick.

It’s a serious biosecurity risk that could spill well outside the salmon industry, and potentially affect our valuable and iconic wild brown trout fishery.

“Brand Tasmania” is in jeopardy and its well and truly time the current Premier Will Hodgeman and Jeremy Rockliff sorted out this mess once and for all Orr said.


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