Legalize Marijuana: LIWTS’ claims fight for a cause not for stoner entertainment!

USA, 22 April, 2017 – This is the 24 the month for LIWTS since they have started the fight to legalize Marijuana. In several nations like Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Colorado, Cambodia, Italy, Jamaica, etc. it is not an offense to carry marijuana up to 5 grams. Though it depends on what kind of stoner are you and why are you smoking weed.

The main reason why LIWTS is fighting for this cause is to hype the very many benefits people can have from smoking this green. After proving in several instances that legalizing cannabis can bring down a lot of social problems, it seems that they are fighting it right.

“Being a stoner certainly limits you to be in the zone of doing drugs; rather one should focus on what kind of stoner are you? Many people use it as a medicinal herb to safeguard themselves from several health issues as well as social paranoia. We want people and authorities to have an open mind in accepting all goodness packed in cannabis. I smoke to reduce my anxiety!” – By a Chief Member of LIWTS.

In their 24 months long fight, LIWTS has come up with facts in their fight which one cannot defy easily. Starting with their fact one – 76% of the accidents that happens in the USA every year, the driver is under the influence of alcohol. On the other hand, as per the report, till now only 12% of people in car accidents were under the influence of Cannabis.

Fact two – Stoner entertainment with cannabis is not at all violent, whereas alcohol consumers have several records of engaging in aggressive fights, violence and much more.

Their third fact is about health, where every year around 17% of the population in the USA above 22 years of age has a liver problem and other health hazards due, to excessive drinking. Moreover, there are many cases of underage alcohol abuse. However, marijuana as stoner entertainment makes people calmer and more patient, unlike alcohol.

According to the Founder of LIWTS, “Even after seeing the bizarre condition that alcohol is bringing upon people, the authorities don’t care much about it, and it is still legal to drink. Whereas, cannabis brings no harm as such and still it is not legal. The discrimination is just based on an economy that the government draws from selling alcohol.”

LIWTS also have shed light on the point that alcohol is expensive and brings more revenue. But Cannabis being a weed is not even half as expensive, and this is why the government is not legalizing it. Though it is a very bright point to focus on, the government also has several reasons to defy its legalization. Among all of those, most significant one is the sedative effect of the cannabis plant and to them, hallucinations are stoner entertainment.

“This fight will continue, and we have thousands of hands joining us over the years from all over the world. If you ask, what kind of stoner are you? We are the cause-full stoners! And as for a fact, we want to end it with Willie Nelson’s quote – Marijuana is a herb and a flower. God put it here; if He put it here and wants to grow; what gives the government the right to say that God is wrong!” – Statement by Founder of LIWTS.

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