Buying a franchise is a great option for individuals who dreamed of owning their own business and being their own boss. It allows the owner to work with established brand names, provides easier access to inventory, and offers easier employee recruitment, just to name a few advantages.

Outlook for Buying a Franchise

In 2016, the Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence reported that, even though Australia’s economy and retail sectors were flat, its franchise numbers grew both in sales and numbers. The center predicted even further growth in 2017.

Fox Mowing

In 2012, Fox Mowing, which already had been providing lawn care and garden maintenance to Australia for over twenty-five years, franchised. Today, it had close to fifty successful franchises operating across six states, including South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, and Western Australia.

Fox Mowing is currently seeking to sell more franchises and noted that demand was high and that there were areas with established clients.

Other benefits Fox offered included:

• Substantial sized territories, which would allow franchise owners to grow their businesses, even more, all while remaining local.

• Support and guidance. The better a franchise did, the better it did.

• Low fees.

• Publicity and promotion. Fox would continue to promote its business, thus franchises would go on getting work.

Before Committing

Yes, it all sounds wonderful. But before an individual just dives in and invests their hard-earned money, they should do a few things first. Even Fox, on its website, advises a potential buyer to take their time to study it and “let it all sink in.” It is, after all, a big commitment. Fox further recommends that potential buyers:

1. Prepare a list of questions and then arrange a meeting with the local State Franchisor go over them. (There is a Franchise Council of Australia. It has guidelines for everything related to franchising, including guidelines for buying a franchise).

2. Contact a Fox operator and arrange to spend the day in the field to see if their interest continues.

Additional Tasks to Take Before Committing

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission posts a Franchisee Manual online that suggests additional tasks. They include:

• Conducting research on the franchise.

• Speaking to current Garden Maintenance Services in Australia and asking about profits, unexpected and hidden costs, support, training, marketing, etc.

• Seeking legal and financial advice.

Personal Questions

Finally, an individual should ask themselves a few questions before they invest in a franchise. Again, it’s a serious investment in time and money. Those questions include:

• Am I prepared to spend the money? Perhaps take out a loan? Perhaps go into debt? Can I handle all that?

• Am I capable of running my own business?

• What are my strengths? What are weaknesses? How can I improve?

• Would I like running a Lawn Care Franchises Businesses For Sale?

• Am I prepared to work long hours, if needed?

• Can I make sacrifices, if needed?

• Does my family support me?

These suggestions are not meant to deter, rather, they are meant to bolster. If an individual can get through them positively, they are on their way to becoming a proud franchise owner. Perhaps even the proud owner of a Fox Mowing franchise.