The latest news that Tassal has brought in dredging equipment for its Macquarie Harbour salmon leases should raise alarm bells for every Tasmanian and to serve as dire warning for its Oakhampton Bay project and our pristine east coast waters.
The EPA needs to start behaving as the Regulator, or is it simply a puppet of the government and Tassal.
Significant and potential long term environmental degradation may have been done through dollar driven overstocking in Tassal’s salmon leases resulting in unacceptable biomass loading, well beyond manageable levels. The EPA constantly seems to be asleep at the wheel and fails to penalise, fine or insist on immediate compliance with the recommended 14,000 tonnes biomass loading per hectare that was put in place in Jan 2017.
Has the EPA been negligent in its duty, or are their processes fundamental flawed?
Is this a result of poor governance to protect Macquarie Harbour and its adjacent world heritage areas?
Dredging or vacuuming has a real risk of damaging the area for ever. With a substantial risk of resuspending toxic substances and heavy metals, which have the potential to permeate into other farms and world heritage areas.
We must consider the unknown impact to the highly endangered Maugean Skate and its continued successful breeding in Macquarie Harbour. What future?
Shooters and Fishers Party Tasmania is supportive of a Tasmanian salmon industry; however, it must be truly world class and one which is environmentally sustainable and transparent in their processes for generations to come.

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