LSoft Launches New Edition of Active@ File Recovery

January 20, 2017 – LSoft has just launched a new edition of Active@ File Recovery, one of the world’s most popular data recovery solutions. Build 16 introduces a whole raft of refinements and new features to make it easier than ever to get back data that you’ve lost, whether due to human error, an attack by malicious software or any other issue.

Making it quicker and easier than ever to recover specific types of files, version 16 adds support for various new file signatures, including OST, DB3, SVG, FBR and more. It also supports that latest-generation ReFS file system and the new Linux/Unix JFS file system. Support for the XFS and Ext4 file systems has also been improved. At the same time, an improved algorithm makes it possible to recover fragmented files by their signatures (file extensions).

Version 16 also introduces some important performance improvements, making it more suitable for working with today’s evermore capacious data storage devices. The SuperScan feature is now significantly faster than it was before while also using less memory. Now, you can get back what you’ve lost in less time which, in turn, effectively improves your chances of getting back all your lost data intact.

Contrary to popular belief, no data is deleted when you format a partition or empty the Recycle bin. Until something else overwrites the original data, you can recover it using specialized software. Active@ File Recovery allows you to recover lost files, damaged partitions or even formatted storage devices, and it supports almost all file systems currently in mainstream use.

Take a look at today to find out more!

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