Norton 360 Antivirus, another product from Symantec is antivirus software that aims towards providing online internet security to the Norton users. Norton 360 is completely functional software that is user-friendly and does not need rocket science for protection. It is very simply demonstrated. Norton 360 support is meant for users who face problems with Norton 360- technical and non-technical. Though there are many sites dedicated to Norton 360 technical support, it is always recommended if you take the help directly from the Norton website. We provide the answer to many of your questions like how to install the software, how to update the software, activating Norton 360, getting regular upgrades, why should one use Norton 360 etc. You can also get Norton helpdesk with configuring proxy server settings with Norton 360 support number. Apart from the list of problems likely to be faced by users and their solutions, it also provides a categorized solution. That is, it categorizes the issues according to its nature and type and provides an efficient solution. There is an option termed as ‘Search Solution Library’ in Norton 360 customer support. This option provides optimized search results. These are only applicable for Norton 360 Antivirus, Norton Antivirus and not for other programs. Despite the above steps if you cannot find a solution to your issue then you can Contact Us either on Live Chat, e-mail or Call the help center.