“Flourishing aquaculture market, government initiatives and entry of new players will thrive Indian Fishfeed market”, Says RNCOS

According to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, “Indian Commercial Fishfeed Market Outlook to 2022”, the commercial fishfeed has gained huge popularity in past couple of years due to its attractive health benefits for fish and rapid production. The major growth drivers of the industry are strong government support, introduction of modern feed techniques and high demand for fish products. The commercial fishfeed market is expected to show a positive growth in the years to come, increasing from a forecasted value of around 0.74 Million Tonnes in FY 2016 to 1 Million Tonnes in FY 2022.

The aerators are used for mixing the air with water. The purpose is to raise the oxygen content of water. Most of the aerators used in fish culture these days mix water with air either after the pump (e.g. Ejector base aeration) or with a propeller in open water (eg Aire O2, Paddle-wheels, etc).

Lack of oxygen will make fish stressed due to which its growth gets threatened. The fish waste and other nutrients also get deposited at the bottom of pond and decaying of material will build up toxic gas which is harmful for fish.

The pond aeration is vital for the health of the fish. It is used for mixing water and air for replacing oxygen deficits, and flushes the excreted, potential toxic, carbon dioxide and ammonia. The water pump is also used for creating horizontal physical water current in the pond when sufficient numbers of aerators are used and implementation is done correctly.
Hydraulic and Air Diffusion are the aerators used in the fish culture in order to increase the energy content of the water. Hydraulic type fish pond aerator usually does aeration with sprinklers and with ejector. In case of aeration with sprinkles, the water jet comes out from nozzle with high velocity and falls into water in the form of drops and in case of aeration with an ejector, the water passes through venture type diffusion where pressure falls below the atmospheric pressure which allows air to penetrate into water.

However, Air Diffusion type fish pond aerator diffuses the air passes through various types of compressors or blower into the water where the water diffuses through a perforated pipe.

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