Why You Need an AWS Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Plan

If you lose your data, your company is in serious trouble. I’m sure this isn’t news to you. And I’m sure you know that you need to put in place a disaster recovery plan just in case of emergencies.

But what are your options? An on-site backup plan? Cloud based? A mix of both? You might have already decided that cloud-based is the way you want to go. There are a lot of services offering that these days, and it can be difficult to know which one is best.

If there’s one thing you need when planning for tragedy, it’s a company you trust. There are a number of cloud-based solutions available; but Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the front runner among them.

Here’s why you shouldn’t go on without setting up your AWS backup and disaster recovery plan.

First up, what is AWS?

As mentioned, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. And it is basically a storage solution that serves to provide a scalable, efficient, and secure backup to businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of backing it all up with AWS?

It will save you money

Unlike some disaster recovery plan options, AWS solutions let you pay for what you use, only what you use. That means you won’t be shelling out excessive sums of money for storage you don’t really need. This could save your organization a lot of money in the long run.

Paying for what you use also means AWS is an easily scalable service. Need more storage? Pay for more. Need less? Simply change your plan. Easy.

It’s easy to set up

AWS is run digitally. That means that it (and other cloud-based solutions in general) eliminate the need to hire or train experts to get a handle on new hardware systems. Systems that might be complicated and expensive.

Without the need to relearn complex new programs. If your needs change as a business, your IT department will be able to adjust more quickly.

It is a global service

AWS has been rolled out in a number of regions across 5 continents. With this disaster recovery server, you are able to choose where in the world your data is stored. And keep fully in control of it. So it’s easy to comply with regional data regulations.

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