“Increasing usage of POC Diagnostics in cancer research driving the growth of microfluidics market significantly”, says RNCOS

Microfluidics technology is significantly changing treatment environment by enabling diagnostic tests to be performed at the point-of-care. The vision is compelling: a doctor loads a tiny sample of a patient’s blood, or other body fluid, into a disposable “chip” and inserts that into a portable instrument. Minutes later, the results allow treatment decisions to be made on the spot.

According to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, “Microfluidics Market – By Material (Ceramics, Polymers), By Components (Microfluidic Chips, Pumps, Needles), By Application (In-Vitro Diagnostics, Pharmaceutical Research, Drug Delivery) – World Forecasts to 2022”, recent developments in microfluidics technology have enabled applications related to lab-on-a-chip or micro total analysis systems. Microfluidics allows for the rapid manipulation of small volumes of liquids in micro fabricated channels, and in some cases, the ability to perform all analytical steps, including sample pre-treatment, reaction, separation and detection. Since 2015, the developments in POC diagnostics comprises of early detection of cancer through capture and analysis of circulating tumour cells (CTCs). Moreover, the researchers have developed a microfluidics device that separate CTCs from whole blood. POC diagnosis has broad implications for advancing cancer research and clinical management of cancer.

Furthermore, microfluidics offers several advantages over conventional diagnostics options, such as small sample volumes leading to increased efficiency of chemical reagents; production costs that are lower per device than other techniques, thereby allowing for disposability; the ability to conduct high-throughput synthesis and screening of biological species and drug targets, etc. The aforementioned factors are significantly contributing towards high adoption of microfluidics globally.

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