As per a recent study on the mattresses market, the ongoing popularity of mattresses is reflected in its international sales. The consumers’ preference towards customized mattresses is one of the major trends witnessed in the global market. In the United States, growing housing market and desire for quality drive sales of mattresses and sleep equipment. To explore the market size and growth prospects until the end of 2021, in the U.S. market, researchers have prepared a study titled “Mattresses- US – April 2017”, which has been freshly broadcasted to the wide repository of Market Research Hub (MRH). The report briefly highlights the market factors, consumers’ perspective, current trends and its sales in U.S.

Mattresses have been in presence since many years and have experienced advancements over the years that make them more comfortable and attractive to prospective buyers. Not surprisingly, unlike sales of clothes and consumer electronics, which have largely migrated online, most Americans still prefer to try out different mattresses and make the purchase in a store. Mattress purchasers in U.S. are mainly quality driven, especially as sleep becomes a health concern. The increasing busier day schedules of the people are inducing mental tiredness in them, thus demanding the need for a sound sleep. The focus on sleep quality is becoming significant in the developed countries, which as a result has become a factor for increasing adoption of premium mattresses.

In recent years, the mattress category has undergone significant change due to new product segmentation, changing consumer needs and e-commerce sales. Mattress manufacturers have also seen increases in revenue. With the availability of an extensive range of product varieties in terms of sizes, styles and a range of firmness, the mattress market is rapidly changing into a dynamic and innovative marketplace.

Major growth trends observed by the analysts include:

Recent purchasers gravitate toward newer mattress types
Comfort and quality drive spending on premium options
Growing importance of sleep has positive impact on the market

As per the findings, future market growth will result from brands and retailers that target core buyers and promote sales beyond replacement, while utilizing online resources to guide consumers along the purchase journey. In the coming few years, the rising costs of mattresses due to the growth in raw material and labor costs are likely to grant more power to local players over international mattress vendors. Therefore, competition is expected to further reinforce.

The report further identifies that specialty stores lead the market in U.S. and also the online availability of mattresses are simplify shopping trend for the consumers. However, e-commerce brands are rapidly entering the market and may disrupt the traditional purchase process.