In the real time scenario, Technology is emerging at a rapid rate. Be it any segment of the country, it changes from time to time and as the trend changes, it increases and decreases with time. We are living in a digital+technical world, so if we talk about the safety of ourselves and are belongings, they always remain the priority.

Here we are essentially discussing the vehicle tracking systems which are outlined completely to meet the customer’s desires by Trackster Technologies. Trackster Technologies offers numerous answers for protection of the vehicles and furthermore guarantee 100% tracking of the vehicle. Any improper action can be checked ANYTIME!! ANYWHERE!!

The solutions provided by Trackster solutions include:

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management: This feature of Trackster allows you to reduce operating costs thus enhancing the company’s revenues further leading to efficient results in customer service and delivery of the products and services. This includes a top to bottom scan of the vehicle’s movement.

Specialised Tracking Solution: Trackster has turned into one of the leaders of this tracking industry. Every vehicle is tracking but this feature offers you with specialised products and services for which tracking is done. It includes: Container Tracking, Smart phone/Sales Force Tracking, Vessel Tracking, Personal Tracking, Asset Tracking, and much more.

Remote Monitoring Solution: Trackster has always been a pioneer in developing all time tracking solutions to meet the needs of the people. This solution of Trackster offers you with Diesel Generator set Monitoring, HVAC Monitoring, Remote Air Pollution Monitoring, Remote Water Pollution Monitoring, Wind Turbine Remote Monitoring and Solar Plant Remote Monitoring.

Segments- Industry Based Solutions: These solutions work hand in hand with industries who want to get on point tracking of their vehicles. This solution revolves around three main factors that caters to industry, asset type and geographical location. This may be done in case of Transportation & logistics, School Buses, Emergency Services, Oil & Gas Companies, Tour & Travels and much more.

CCTV and Wifi in Train/Bus: It is clear that in this digital world, everyone wants to stay connected with everyone. Similarly, Trackster helps its customers in providing Wifi in Trains and buses to stay connected in order to live monitoring of the vehicle.

Optical Wireless Link (OWL): this is one of the best features provided by Trackster for tracking your vehicle. It allows you to stay connected with proper bandwidth connections and also helps in sending 1Gbps of data with voice and video communications.

Trackster is a complete solution provider to head to toe needs of your vehicle tracking. It lets you to know even the smallest facts about your vehicle. Get to know more about these solutions on