Rising Usage of Minimally Invasive Surgeries for Medical Implants

“Advantages of minimally invasive surgeries such as low cost, faster recovery times, and less pain to patients are driving their usage for the insertion of medical implant” says RNCOS

Traditional medical surgeries have several limitations such as long recovery time, high expensive, and more chances of infection. These factors make them uncomfortable, painful and expensive. As a result, minimally invasive surgeries are an emerging trend in orthopedic and dental domains. Such surgeries provide considerable benefits, such as low cost, faster recovery times, and less pain to patients. This technique allows surgeons to insert a tested and reliable implant through a shorter incision using surgical approaches that avoids pain.

For instance, in case of orthopedic implants, the minimally invasive technique is also known as quadriceps-sparing knee replacement, wherein a notch of 3-4” in length is used, which makes it a painless technique. Due to advances in materials and design, these implants have greater durability as compared to other orthopedic implants, claiming about 25-30 years. The number of implant surgeries is expected to increase by using this technique, as it encourages young patients to live a painless lifestyle at low cost and within less time.

According to the new research report by RNCOS entitled, “Global Medical Implant Market By Type [Orthopedic Implant (Knee, Spine, Hip), Cardiac Implant (Pacemaker, Coronary Stent), Neurostimulators (Spinal Cord, Sacral Nerve, Deep Brain, Vagus Nerve)], By Material (Polymer, Ceramics, Metal), Forecast till 2022,” rising demand for painless and low-cost dental implants has pushed dental implant manufacturers to introduce a substitute for traditional dental implant surgery. This alternative surgery is known as Mini Dental Implants, in which implant’s size ranges from 1.8 mm to approximately 3mm versus the traditional implant diameter of 3.75 mm. This technique saves a lot of time, as mini implants can be placed and encumbered in a one-day appointment with a general dentist who is certified in the procedure. For example, 3M ESPE introduced a MDI Mini Dental Implant, which is the first on the market approved for the long-term use of denture stabilization.

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