Trucking is well known as one of the toughest occupations across the world. Roads are unpredictable workplaces where anything could happen, such as contingencies from nasty weather to congestion due to accidents. However, they still work hard without a word of complaint for selfless contribution to the society.

The Truckbubba is a mobile app for North America’s truckers with specialized features. Within this app, truckers can find the nearby Trucking Points of Interest (POI) effortless such as truck stops, rest areas, truck weigh stations, diesel fuel stations, truck parking spaces etc.

This app has launched two new features in its latest version: Speedometer and Load Board. Speedometer is a speed limit alert tool that allows truckers to easily set the speed limit in advance for highway or city respectively. It protects trucker’s life by monitoring whether the truck speed is exceeding the set speed limit or not.

Load Board is a freight marketplace that provides FREE online platform for load posting and load finding. With the help of Truckbubba app, 50,000+ trucks and 70,000+ loads can be searched daily. This feature provides an innovative and affordable solution for freight brokers and carriers to ensure the capacity of truckloads thereby increasing the business revenue.

These two new features are highly appreciated by the users since they are launched. It has brought a great deal of convenience to them. You can learn more about these features by downloading this free app from the App Store or Google Play on your Smartphone.