The Kamshet Project is a hard-hitting piece of dance theatre, that explores the

darker side of human nature. The production has an unusual and provacative

genesis: the members of PAARA, the artistic unit of the Terence Lewis

Contemporary Dance Company (TLCDC) were taken on a week’s residency

excursion to a sylvan location, just outside the overcrowded metropolis of

Mumbai. There they were placed under virtual house arrest and separated from

all social distractions and technological devices. They spent their days

workshopping with practitioners from varied and esoteric disciplines – a

Mandala artist, a psychic tarot reader, a hypnotist and a counsellor. The dancers

delved deep in their own psyches, examining and pulling apart their very DNA.

The result was an explosion of primeval energy. With their freedom taken away,

the dancers made themselves vulnerable to the cellular memories of their past:

hidden desires, suppressed feelings and old wounds surfaced; animalistic and

tribal instincts were unleashed. At the start of the show, the audience is induced

into a semi-hypnotic state, allowing them to tap into their own suppressed alter-
egos. The performance then progresses in a hurricane arc of conflict, confessions

and finally resolution.