Bangkok, Thailand- February 20, 2017. Treatment of cancer has seen some immense strides in the past few years. There is a lot of development that has taken place and has pushed for better prognosis for even the most complex cancer cases. The problem however, is that there is still no cure for cancer.

Research on stem cells has shown a light at the end of the tunnel though. This is not new technology at all. Stem cell research has been going on for ages now. It has been shown to have an impressive result on the body at least in the treatment of different diseases. These conditions include the likes of neurological disorders, autoimmune disorders and so much more. In theory, it is possible to treat all diseases known to human beings with the use of stem cell technology. However, in practice it is another different story.

Experts claim that it is not all that far from the realization of more use of stem cell therapy especially in cancer treatment. Currently, stem cell treatments are used as compliments in chemotherapy when high doses of radiation are needed. It is hard to do the chemotherapy without transplantation of these cells. Cancers such as leukemia require very strong doses of radiation to be supplied to the body. This could potentially cause death of the stem cells in the process of getting rid of the cancerous cells.

What the world has currently

The medical world has a lot to offer as far as stem cell therapy is concerned. Nonetheless, as above mentioned, there is a lot that can be done to attain the full potential of these treatments. It is ridiculously expensive to research this field but even then the pay offs are great. There are some clinics that are primarily using stem cell treatments and they are doing an impressive job at it.

StemCells21 is one such clinic. Based in Bangkok, StemCells21 has been providing excellent treatments to clients from various parts of the world. It is from the results of treatments conducted at this clinic that the world is waking up to the revelation that the use of stem cells could potentially be the cure for cancer. The power in these cells is just out of this world. They have the ability to regenerate whole organs under the right conditions. Therefore, if an organs is damaged by cancer, then there is the possibility to repair it by the use of stem cell treatments.


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