Austin, TX, 2017/ Press Release – If you are looking for tasty and nutritious food for your beloved pet, visit Pet Supplies Plus, a renowned pet store in Austin, TX. The shop provides premium quality dog food products from most famous brands like Acana, Solid Gold, Royal Canin, Nutro™, Redford Naturals, Taste Of The Wild, Blue Buffalo, Greenies™, Nature’s Recipe® etc.

Pet parents can be rest assured of their dog’s health as the shop provides only AAFCO certified food products. The knowledgeable staff at the pet store will assist you in choosing the most suitable food option, according to the breed and nutritional requirement of your dog.

Dog Food & Treats Offered At Pet Supplies Plus

Dry Food – Dry kibble is a preferred choice of pet parents in Austin. It is easily digestible rich in fiber and also beneficial to your dog’s dental health. This type of food has a longer shelf life and can be easily served.

Wet Food – This type of food has low preservatives and added flavors. It is a good option for younger dogs, since it can be easily chewed and swallowed. Wet food is also recommended to the dogs that do not drink enough water.

Treats & Chews – In order to maintain the oral health, it is important that your dog maintains its natural chewing habit. Pet owners can choose from various treats and chews available at the store.

Alternative Diet food – For older dogs with weak bones or for the ones dealing with weight issues, raw diet or weight management food can be a good option.

To buy quality food products and treats, visit the pet store at 12407 N. Mopac Expressway, Suite 525-B, Austin, TX 78758. For more information, call at (512) 580 – 4900 or log on to