Teddy Roosevelt s mother and wife died on the same day in 1883. He then went to the Dakota Territory and recreated himself over a period of three years by becoming a cowboy, When Roosevelt returned he was the barrel chested man who would one day become President. Author William Hazelgrove takes the reader on a great adventure story of young Roosevelt finding himself in the West after devestating tragedy.

Chicago, IL United States., April 25, 2017 — Teddy Roosevelt had everything going for him in 1883. He was a young assemblyman in Albany while his wife was home and about to have his first baby. In a single day his life went from light to dark when Brights disease took his wife and Typhoid fever took his mother . His political career then disintegrated over the next three months and he found himself on a train headed for the Dakota Territory. He would not come back for good until three years later. What happened out West is the subject of William Hazelgroves intrriguing new book, Forging A President: How the Wild West Created Teddy Roosvelt. It is an adventure story on par with Young Winston Churchill fighting in the Boer War and both men emerge as new men would one day lead the world.

Hazelgroves thirteen book weaves a tale of a sickly asthmatic who is dealt a hammer blow with the death of his wfie and mother and immerses himself in the Wild West and in the process becomes a cowboy, a man of the “vigorous life.” It is through fighting indians, chasing thieves, facing down bad men. that Theodore Roosevelt is transformed and comes back the barrel chested TR that would one day become President. “What most people don’t understand is that Teddy Roosevelt created hiimself out West. This was something people could still do back then. You went West and became someone else, “Hazelgrove maintains. “What happened to Roosevelt out West would have killed anyone else, but TR was touched with destiny and comes thorugh without a scratch.”

The book traces Teddy Roosevelts life as a sickly child and follows him through the years out West. The Hemingway Writer in Residence wanted to created a book that woudl explain how Roosevelt became the “cowbody in the White House.” and how that informed his decisions to later build the Panama Canal and maintain a personal governing philosophy of “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

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