“Technological advancements brought by players, like Mevion and Varian Medical Systems, will revolutionize the US protron therapy market,” Says RNCOS

Equipment at any proton therapy center plays a very important role in the planning and administration of treatment to the patients. There are very few companies engaged in the development and manufacturing of cyclotrons, synchrotrons and other equipments required by proton therapy centers. Till 2016, five companies provided equipment for proton therapy. Of these IBA remained the top player. Ion Beam Applications, S.A., and Mevion Medical Systems dominate the US proton therapy market with a market share accounting for around 70%. However other players like Hitachi, Optivus and Varian Medical Systems have also started to make their presence felt in the market.

According to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, “US Proton Therapy Market Forecast to 2022”, among the existing players, Mevion Medical System and Varian Medical Systems aim to revolutionize the market by offering innovative technologies. Mevion Medical System is the only player offering superconducting synchrocyclotron which is famous for its low space and capital requirement, and is meant to cater one treatment room models. This affordable accelerator can be acquired by institutes and centers who wish to diversify in terms of treatment offerings, but lack the huge capital investment required for a conventional proton therapy center. Also, Varian’s ProBeam® system is at the forefront of the industry, having created the world’s first commercially available pencil beam scanning system, which is the most precise form of proton therapy available and considered an advance over other proton therapy delivery methods.

Furthermore, the coming years will observe the entry of new players, like, ProTom International, Compact Particle Acceleration Corporation, ProNova and Sumitomo in the market. Even though many new players will be seen foraying into the US proton therapy market, IBA will continue to lead the pack with a total of 14 installations of its proton accelerator across various states by 2020 end. IBA, the market leader, has designed and equipped the majority of clinically operating proton therapy centers around the world, with over 25 projects that are already operational or at various stages of development.

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