Virus Cleaner – Antivirus from Hi-Security Lab

Ever found yourself or a friend of your struggling while using their phone blaming it on all on the manufacturer? While there are various apps in this segment that tend to do similar things in different ways or by using variable terminology for the same task.

What we are looking at in this review is security on top of our priority list, simplicity in design, reliability and use of least possible resources when running in background, because a Virus scanner runs in background all the time hence it is quite important for it not to be a battery hog.

Trusted McAfee’s Virus Engine

Virus Cleaner – Antivirus from Hi Security Lab is primarily an Anti-Virus which also boasts intelligent features like privacy control both online and offline, Junk cleaner to speed up your phone and other essentials that come handy in day to day activities. The app’s virus engine is powered by trustworthy McAfee’s virus database being updated in real time able to prevent from any extortion virus, malware and Trojans. Quick scan, Deep Scan and Scheduled scan options give you feasibility to check for viruses and remove as and when required. You can also schedule a scan on daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep a check on your files without having to manually do it.

Time for some Clean-Up

Junk Cleaner or also known as speed boost feature in other apps which clears unnecessary/temporary files that can get cluttered over time causing low memory issues eventually slowing down the phone. While you can manually do it, a scheduled scan will also check for threats and privacy issues besides cleaning the junk. Newer phone with Android 6.0 or higher can have gigabytes of junk that is not essentially visible to users as every manufacture has its unique path for storing temporary files and cache.

Flawless Online & Offline privacy control

Safe Browsing is a feature very similar to the desktop variants of anti-viruses which prevent identity theft and financial frauds done with malwares, viruses and phishing websites. The app can warn you and completely block the access to such websites to avoid the potential risks involved in it.

Safety and privacy is as important in the offline world as the online. Having your phone or tablet borrowed by a friend or colleague can be a privacy encroachment at times, and buying an additional app to lock you apps is no wise deal when you have it in your Virus Cleaner. Virus Cleaner also has a call blocker / blacklist option to prevent you from distraction of repeated calls from marketing agencies or unwanted contacts. So its quite a deal to have these options right in your Virus scanner app.

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