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Helmets are no longer just the protection gear for your bike riding but they are also a way to show your creativity and attitude among the crowd to make your own style statement. There is no doubt that helmets are very important to protect you from any mishaps while driving a bike. You need to choose the best quality helmets that are sturdy and comfortable offering you ultimate protection from head injuries. Along with that you can also look out for custom design helmets that surely add elegance to the helmet while zooming off on a bike. There are many imported helmets India that you can lookout for that adds to your style statement along with best security features. There are imported helmets available in different types like full face helmets, open face helmets, flip up and flip off helmets and also motocross/off road helmets. You can find the imported helmets India coming in different design works like plain and graphic works that shall be customised based on your order. The hand painted helmets is truly versatile in different themes for you to make a choice.

You can also buy ls2 helmets online in versatile designs that are really unique and would thrill you with the best safety features associated with the helmet. The ls2 helmets are certified by ECE and you can lookout for models with different features like dual visor and clear out site that are composition with 3d optical correct Lexan, easy mounting and quick release system, smooth visor lock for both opening and closing, anti-scratch, anti-fog and anti-UV treatment that would offer you the best riding experience in any climatic conditions. The interiors of the ls2 helmets are quite superior with padding laser cut for the perfect fit, moisture wicking lining, anti-odor and bacterial treatment, washable interior with quick dry and soft fabric, chin strap and nose guard to maintain the helmet in good condition. The ls2 helmets also come with best ventilation features like in and out front air intakes and rear extractors for free air circulation inside the helmet and the retention system micrometric quick release system adds to the security feature of the helmet. Based on the model the features may vary a bit but you can always buy ls2 helmets online that are guaranteed to offer best riding experience and security features for the customers.

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