Today, there are millions of cars running on the road and with such a huge number, the biggest challenge which the authorities face is the traffic management especially when it comes to parking of vehicles. Whether it’s a mall, office or even a residential apartment, there is a huge influx and outflow of the vehicles day in and day out, under such circumstances, tracking the traffic is a mammoth task which is not possible manually, however, with the advent of technology, we have systems and devices in place which ensure that parking process is streamlined without any bottlenecks.
When we talk about key force driving the parking management then key areas of consideration include reducing fuel pollution, seamless flow of traffic, concern for the safety of vehicle and connectivity. The development in the field of technology and technology-driven solutions has encouraged authorities to adopt modern ways of parking management which are automated and are highly effective.
Good parking management solution is driven by various factors and one of them being use of devices that are better than the others in the market, whether it is booth parking management or contactless parking management solutions everything forms a part of intelligent parking management solutions and Houston System has been effectively contributing its share towards delivering excellent parking solutions.The company has gained experience in delivering high-end solutions to those who are looking for advanced parking management solutions.
The management claims its proficiency in designing and manufacturing booth parking management, contactless parking management and Intelligent parking management wherein parking tickets are automatically dispensed.
The company has been in the business of delivering quality and efficient parking management solutions for more than a decade and has its clientele across the globe. The USP of Houston System lies in its team of efficient IT professionals and a dedicated department of Research and Development which has helped this company soar the heights of success and skyrocket its sales.
Houston Systems believe that the rising use of parking management solutions by authorities and government is because of increasing number of vehicles and managing the parking f such a huge number becomes a tedious task, furthermore, the modern day parking solutions are automated and works in real time.
The company has made arduous effort to provide some great parking management solutions and the popular in the series includes the Intelligent Parking Management System, this system has been designed to automatically dispense the ticket and comes with a sensor which directs the boom barrier gates to open and close as and when required. The second in the series includes te booth parking system which requires manual assistance to allow entry and exit and dispenses parking tickets and their most advanced version includes the contactless parking solutions which work on RFID technology.
The company has taken care while manufacturing these solutions and they are vandal free and run efficiently without any flaw. Moreover the whole system has been designed in a manner that even a novice in the field of technology can use it and it won’t be wrong to say that Houston System has prepared these solutions in the form of plug and play so that the users are not bothered about the using it .
The company envisions creating more such solutions by improving its technology and bring in more and more products which can make the parking management easy and efficient. Houston System has a futuristic approach and is continuously experimenting to create products of superior quality. They are expanding with each passing day and continue to work on their production division to make it one of the most reputable company providing parking management solutions.
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