Bengaluru, April 2017 :Bail-Abolbala, brought in the city by Tilt Frame Productions was an unique and engaging act which pulled a lot of audience from various age group. With the city’s who’s who in attendance with theatre enthusiasts the evening was a success as they witnessed the gripping and soul searching performance by the cast on a subject that is splashed across the media but rarely finds a true voice that is heard – Bail (Bull). PGR.Sindhia- former home minister of Karnataka, Mr.Ranoji Rao- State Chairman Governing Council KKMP, Mr.Banoji Rao Morey- State treasurer KKMP, Mr.Nagesh Rao- District President KKMP, Sania-Leading Marathi Author and Writer & Mrs.Rekha Naik- Representing member of Maharashtra Mandal Bangalore were present in the event to encourage the new talents and also to witness the unique concept of the play which has bagged many awards and has been a part of many prestigious nominations.

The play comprised major art forms in a single act that included acting, singing, music, dance and poems. Thirty brilliant artists performed on the stage as they took the audience through a gripping and heart wrenching over night discussion between a bull and farmer before that bull is handed over to a abattoir in the morning. As the dialogue continues they realize the drastically diminishing Shramsanskruti that they share resulting into an awakening about the creativity and humanity being lost in this so called race for technological excellence. The performance makes us ponder over the poignant role that the humble ‘bail’ play in our lives and the resulting long term impact on mankind

The Late Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, who was also a theater actor and teacher, had collected more than 60 poems on the bull from all over Maharashtra and dreamt about showcasing this to the country invoking support for the humble giant. The famous Marathi Actor, Sayaji Shinde put this together and with writer and director Mr. Rajiv Mulye, brought it alive for the stage. Lokrangamanch, (a 30 + years old theater group) Satara has produced this play.Tilt Frame Productions, a group of young theatre artists, worked relentlessly to bring this play to Bengaluru.

The play Bail-Abolbala has won 3 awards in Rajya Natya Spardha at Mumbai from Satara & Sangli Center. Also nominated at Zee Natya Gaurav Awards in 4 categories. It also has finished 12 successful shows at Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune & Mumbai in last few months. The Bengaluru audience was delighted and moved by the play and gave the cast and crew a standing ovation after the show.