Smart phone market increasingly fierce competition, how to get loyal users, which is the 21st century, all mobile phone manufacturers face the problem.

Throughout Apple, Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and other first-line smart phone manufacturers marketing strategy, given the answer is the market fine, which CAT and E&L mobile is one of the best.

The same is a deep plowing three-anti mobile phone market, CAT and E&L mobile where the difference,Who can win from the three-anti mobile phone positioning? (There is no doubt that the winner is to break through their boundaries and change the user ‘s awareness of the rugged smartphone: lighter, thinner and stronger.

Strong three-anti mobile phone users positioning the special industry: for those who continue to face environmental hazards of harsh work or lifestyle, such as forestry, fisheries, construction, transportation, outdoor sports.

If a cell phone to take into account the waterproof, dustproof, drop-proof, it means that this phone needs a thicker body, heavier weight, more ugly body, even the world’s top 500 mobile phone manufacturers CAT can not avoid.

Of course, the boundaries are used to break.

After ten years of research and development and practice, E&L S60 turned out to change the consumer awareness of the three-anti cell phone: take into account the three-anti performance at the same time, you can have a more stylish looking, and peugeot body.

E&L S60 get the highest three-anti level: IP68
IP68: 1.5 meters deep underwater can be waterproof for up to half an hour. And completely dustproof.
At the same time E&L S60 with drop-proof 1.8 m , strong Corning gorilla glass 3 can even be used to smash walnut (wild survival necessary weapons).

Compared to the Cat S60 12.66mm fuselage, the E&L S60 has a thickness of only 9.8mm, a 2.14mm thinner than the Cat S60, and 53g (oh my god) lighter than the Cat S60, with only 170g (the world’s lightest three-anti smartphone). Commendable is that E&L S60 with 5.5-inch 1920 * 1080 FHD LCD, but also with fingerprint recognition. Whether playing games, watching movies, reading news Whether playing games, watching movies, reading news it is a pleasure to enjoy.

Most importantly, the price of the £ 649.99 relative to the Cat S60, the E&L S60 is less than £ 329.99 and has a better configuration, and the broad masses know how to choose.

Through all aspects of comparison, E&L S60 broke the boundaries of three-anti cell phone. At present, it is the lightest, most fashionable appearance of the three-anti cell phone, consumers can bid farewell to bulky body, to avoid high prices, while you can enjoy the high configuration to bring entertainment.

E&L is braned smartphone. (Shenzhen E&L Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “E&L MOBILE”)establised in may 2007 ,the registered capital of 20 million RMB. The fixed and investment assets of more than 500 million RMB.It is a focus on mobile communications and mobile intelligent terminal product development ,production and sales for the integration of the national hight-tech enterprises. We committed to become a Internationalzation of nation communications brand which is the most professional and influential. Development of the company after ten years history,nowadays,more and more people accept “made in China” products ,we adjust management strategy, strengthen internal management ,set up modern enterprise management mechanism and brand operating system,based on domestic and international market.face the world,create intelligent E&L international brand.)

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