“Advancements in technology such as introduction of LiveCyte Kinetic Cytometer aiding in label free quantitative live cell imaging”, says RNCOS

There has been an emergence of an advanced technology system i.e. LiveCyte Kinetic Cytometer in the current year. LiveCyte is a unique system for live cell analysis, which involves Kinetic Cytometry i.e. the analysis of phenotypic and kinetic behavior of automatically tracked individual cell populations over hours or days. This advancement in technology generates quantitative data without the need for cell labeling.

LiveCyte exploits the inherent contrast mechanisms that cells possess, such as refractive index and thickness variations. It employs a unique approach that utilizes a phase retrieval method known as ptychography that generates high contrast and high fidelity images.

Research also showed that the system benefits include understanding the impact of drug treatments, genetic modifications, or environmental factors. LiveCyte comes with completed automated cell tracking software that can follow all cells for a complete time span, even if those cells pass over each other. Low laser power i.e. 10,000-100,000 times less than usual for fluorescence microscopy implies that cells can be imaged for more than 1 week without experiencing photo-toxic shock. This is beneficial for all cell types, especially for stem cells and primary cells.

According to a new research report by RNCOS entitled, “Live Cell Imaging Market Outlook 2022”,in addition to the recent developments in the live cell imaging industry, researchers also came to a conclusion that new fluorescent probes for live cell imaging is supposed to increase its efficacy. The undergoing studies also concluded that the introduction of single plane illumination microscopy is further adding to the advancements in live cell imaging technology. Moreover, researchers are coming up with label free quantitative phase imaging through the application of LiveCyte Kinetic Cytometer that offers label free live cell imaging.

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