MRH Report: In recent years, the market of screen projectors has achieved a very strong growth worldwide, mainly due to its rising use in several business and educational activities. The latest study, focusing on this rapidly expanding global market has been recently broadcasted to the vast archive of Market Research Hub (MRH), which is headlined as “Global Screen Projectors Sales Market Report 2017”. This study offers a comprehensive analysis, including information on the drivers, restraints and the potential opportunities in the market for its future growth. In addition, the product segmentation, vendor analysis and key geographical segments of the market have been included in the research study.

As per the findings of the study, the market for projector screens is positively influenced by factors like the augmented usage of projection screens for corporate presentations and the growing popularity of home theaters. Also, the adoption rate of projector screens is high in several regions due to growth in the education sector and rise in the number of companies. Technological advancements and the global demand for wide screen projectors have created potential growth opportunities for the key players operating in this market.

The research study has provided a detailed analysis of the screen projectors market on a global level, by focusing on some of the key regions, which includes:

United States
Initially, the report starts with the overview along with its market subdivision by classification, application and regions. There are occasions when the use of desktop or laptop alone is not just sufficient particularly when you need to make a presentation to an audience. In order to engage the audience actively, the most effective means through which the user can engage the audience is through projection screens. There are two main categories of projectors that are available in the market today, i.e. electronic and manual screen projectors. These screen projectors are classified into:

LED Screen Projector
LCD Screen Projector
DLP Screen Projector

The price range of these screens varies according to their size and quality. Moreover, the study also focuses on sales, market share and growth rate of Screen Projectors in its various applications, which includes Education, Cinema, Business, Home and Large Venue. The expected growth rate and related statistics of these segments have also been included in the scope of the research report.

Furthermore, the study throws light on the competitive landscape of global screen projector market by profiling the major players functioning in this market: BenQ, Panasonic, ASUS, Acer, Canon, Hitachi, Philips, Epson, Digital Projection, Vivitek, Optoma, NEC, BARCO, Sharp, Costar, ACTO, Samsung, Ricoh, Christie, Sony, Toshiba and Viewsonic.