Asian smartphones : everyone is talking about them right now. But what does that mean ? Actually, when we talk about Asian smartphones, we talk in reality about Chinese smartphones because most of the famous brands come from China. When we think about this kind of smartphones, first of all, we think about their prices. But to tell the truth, through the world, Chinese products (such as clothes or shoes) are well known for their cheapness but also for their low quality. Thus why everybody would like to buy Asian smartphones today ? Are they as good as everyone says ? Or maybe the price is their best feature ?

Chinese brands are some of the best

Some Chinese brands are really famous through the world such as Xiaomi or Huawei. Why ? Only because they sell smartphones which are as good as some of the best brands in the world regarding to their performance… but also to their prices !

Nevertheless, prices have grown up with the improvement of the products. If you want a really good smartphone, you won’t find one below 200 or 300€, which is, by far, nothing compared to the 800€ asked for the new iPhone !

Main features

If you compare Huawei’s smartphones features to Apple’s features, you would see that they are quite similar (read more). Today, Asian smartphones present very good characteristics : performing camera, beautiful design, Android system and most of them offers a dual Sim system which is very interesting when you live and work in two different countries for example.

We can cite really good smartphones such as the OnePlus 2 or the Honor 7. However, you have to know that you can also find cheap smartphones in France. That’s what the Wiko brand makes.

Where can I buy one ?

When we buy a smartphone, we pay attention to the seller and the after-sales service. In this way, if you meet a problem with your device, you can turn against the sales assistant easily. He will help you, it is very comforting because even if the prices are low, it is still a budget.

The main problem is that, until recently, it was really difficult to find Asian brands in France. You can’t find any of them in shops because every sellers dealt European and American brands : Apple, Samsung, Sony…

To fix it, some websites were developed in France. Through them, you can buy Asian brands. It delivers the devices directly to your home.