Expert tips for the “Exam Day” of JEE Main, 2017

The author of this article is Mr. Partha Halder, B.Tech (Chemical Engineering) – HOD Chemistry & Centre Head at FIITJEE, Punjabi Bagh.

The country’s largest engineering entrance exam, the JEE Main is scheduled on the 2nd of April, 2017 in offline mode i.e in paper & pencil format whereas the online mode will be held on 8th & 9th April, 2017. Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting this exam across India.

With less than 24 hours left for the exam, here are few tips that you could follow on the day of the exam :

· Read the examination instructions properly on the first page of the JEE Main question paper. Keep a note of all the marking system mentioned. Please remember there is no sectional cut-off (i.e. subject wise cut-off) and hence your target should be to focus on all those questions that you can solve comfortably even if it calls for attempting more questions in a particular subject compared to the other subjects. So, use your best judgement.

· Begin with the subject that you are most comfortable in. Avoid solving lengthy numerical question in the first 15-20 minutes of the exam. This will prevent you from losing your time and confidence for the remaining part of the paper.

· Questions selection is extremely crucial. Every paper consists of easy, moderate and difficult questions. JEE Main will be no different in this regard. By quickly solving the easy and moderate questions will enable you to clear the cut-off easily. To go the next level attempting difficult ones would be the key. Judicious attempt should be followed. Idea is to keep negative marks at bay.

· So, mark all the questions that you feel you are confident of solving at the first go without much effort. Set a time target of 45-50 minutes per subject. Once you are done switch to the next subject and so on. Once you have solved all the sections then go for little difficult or tricky questions, subject by subject. Divide available time proportionately. Good rank will be decided by correctly solving these difficult ones. Hence use your logical and analytical skills judiciously.

· Avoid wild guess work, if you have no clue on the solution approach to a question, simply move on to the next question.

· While solving a question, do the rough work just beside the question so that you can follow the rough work at end while revising your attempts.

· Avoid solving the entire paper and then darkening all the bubbles at the end. This could be catastrophic as due to paucity of time you may miss out on marking few bubbles or might end up marking the incorrect bubble though you had solved a question correctly. So, the best approach is to darken the bubbles one by one as you solve or you could do it in block of 4-6 questions (if there are 4-6 questions in a page i.e. page by page basis).

Few additional points to remember

· Carry your JEE Main admit card, Aadhar card etc.. Though nothing else is allowed to be taken inside your examination hall this year, check the list of items that you are not allowed to carry to examination hall so that it does not get confiscated at the exam centre.

· Check your exam centre location, address, landmark, route well before time.

· Reach your exam centre well before the scheduled time. This will help you to get acclimatized with the room & environment.

· You will have to get up early tomorrow morning, get ready on time, go for comfortable clothing and have a heavy breakfast. Carry water bottle and in case you are on some kind of medication carry the kit as well.

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