If I were to pin-point the single most often asked question that people have about my bikes, it would be questions about the wheels? What wheels are those? Do you like them? How much were they? Usually, when I respond that they are Yoeleo carbon clinchers from China, the immediate reaction is shock. “Oh no, Chinese Carbon! Won’t they explode?” “OH! How could you ride those dangerous wheels?”
Admittedly, this reaction is not totally off-base. If you spend 5 minutes online and google “chinese carbon bike wheels”, you’ll find no shortage of horror stories about people that had wheels fail on them and when I was initially shopping for carbon wheels, it was these stories that gave me cause to really investigate and be aware of what I was purchasing. It is this reason, combined with the fact that I’ve just taken delivery of some new wheels from Yoeleo that I’ve decided to do a full review and accounting of my experience and hopefully I can dispel some rumors.

Decision to Buy

I first heard about Yoeleo in May of 2014. I was researching carbon wheels and scouring chinese carbon review threads on RoadBikeReview.com. I saw Yoeleo mentioned over and over again from posters that had legitimate profiles and all of them were happy with the wheels. In late May, I was at the Tour of Somerville in Somerville, NJ and I met someone that was there cheering on his girlfriend in the women’s pro race. I noticed that he had some non-branded carbon wheels on his bike and when I asked him about them, he said they were Yoeleo’s and he had just come home from a trip to Italy where they had performed perfectly. The biggest question at the time for most Chinese rims was the brake track and with this guy’s account of his trip from Italy, it seemed that the Yoeleo’s were ok. Additionally, this wasn’t a huge concern of mine because I was buying disc brake carbon wheels for a disc brake road bike. I was also somewhat comforted by the fact that Yoeleo was very transparent about all of the parts they were using. Some of the no-name Chinese carbon wheels had unspecified hubs and spokes, but Yoeleo was very clear about the brand of spokes and hubs. It was clear what you were paying for and replacement parts could be easily sourced as opposed to most of the Chinese carbon wheels you find on Ebay and Alibaba that often leave that stuff as somewhat of a mystery. I also liked the fact that they had their own website and were establishing themselves on Facebook and other social media outlets. They seemed interested in actually establishing themselves as a brand, not just some company that could sell a few wheels on eBay and then disappear.

Please visit our website: https://www.yoeleobike.com/road/wheels/clincher.html for purchase.