Stuhrling Original Aristocrat Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch|: Fun To Wear, Great To Look

Simply put, it’s a great watch! The Stuhrling Original Aristocrat Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch has so far created extremely happy owners and that’s not just with its inner workings! The quartz mechanism runs perfectly and keeps very good time.

The Stuhrling Original Aristocrat Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch is so well designed that it has no further room for improvement. From the colour to the contrast to the mechanism, it is unbelievable how well a watch can be produced at such a low price point. Freaking amazing would be an understatement.

Every person who sees the Stuhrling Original Aristocrat Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch shall ask the story behind; even laymen without an iota of watch knowhow. The first impression it gives is that it’s very expensive and those with a keen eye can make out it’s not Rolex but something incredibly well made; though there’s a chance they will think it a Tissot Ballade at the second look. You’ll get appreciated for your taste in fine watches.

Even the case back is worth a view! No, you can certainly not expect a see-through back; instead, it’s a finely etched Stuhrling logo surrounded by etched criss-cross patterns that adorn the back side and increases the watch’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Regarding usability, the Stuhrling Original Aristocrat Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch has zero issues if it’s not forced to extend its limits. That’s to say, while a round of billiard or golf is fine, you can’t go playing beach volleyball or baseball with it on. The silver hands on a dark, matte dial stand out really well, even when it is moderately dark.

There’s no question of the Stuhrling Original Aquadiver 728.02 Mens Watch running faster or slower beyond a few seconds every month; the Ronda 515 is made to be precise and is used in some of the most renowned pro-grade watches around the world.

Being built specifically for the urban life, the 50 meters of water resistance is more than enough. Rain, shower and the pool are not going to affect it; however, that doesn’t mean it can withstand prolonged exposure to vigorous, recreational water sports.

All in all, the Stuhrling Original Casatorra Twenty 728.02 Mens Watch is meant for the times when you are dressed in a dark suit; in semi-formals or in light casuals. Its leather strap is rich to the feel and in its looks and with a monthly treatment with leather nourishing products, shall ward off the ill effects of water. Even if it gets drenched, it is going to soak in very less water, nothing that can’t be dried up completely in a couple of hours.

The steel buckle is polished and well-rounded and is going to stay pristine through the years unless you rub it frequently upon rough, hard surfaces frequently.

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