Global DevOps Tool Market to Witness High growth in the Coming Years, Study Forecasts future Market trends until 2022

In recent times, DevOps became a buzzword and lot of people and organizations are using it frequently. To manage different operational work, DevOps tools are highly in demand, which as a result is pushing the market growth presently. The latest report on the global demand and market status have been recently added to the enormous database of Market Research Hub (MRH), titled as “Global DevOps Tool Market” Research Report 2017. This research study highlights the future growth factors that will guide the market players to enable effective strategies in order to grow their business.

DevOps is made from the merging of two words 1) Development 2) Operations. DevOps tools aid in simplifying this otherwise complex process of coordinating and integrating the functions of these two teams. It mainly aims at forming a culture and environment where building and testing software can happen frequently and more reliably.

Moreover, the report also adds that, because DevOps is a cultural shift and collaboration (between development, operations and testing), there is not only single ‘DevOps tool’ are present, but also a set, consisting of multiple tools are used by organizations. Many open source DevOps tools are now available to assist DevOps specialists in the constant integration, delivery and deployment of products on time. Due to this factor, these tools are catching the attention of DevOps-minded organizations these days. According to the key highlights of the study, global DevOps Tool market has performed well in 2016 and also expected to maintain its growth by acquiring high value in (US$) by the end of 2022, with a strong CAGR between 2016 and 2022.

In the starting section, the report briefly describes the global market overview along with its scope, by covering major regions, such as Europe, Southeast Asia, North America, Japan, China and India. For each regional segment, the report comprises the details of the consumption, production, revenue, market share and growth rate of DevOps Tool.

For a competitive analysis, the report’s authors have segmented the global DevOps Tool market on the basis of region, end use and type. By product type, the report categorizes the global market into Test Software, Develop Software, Deploy Software, Log Software, Security, Collaboration Platform, Monitor Software and Configuration Management.

End-users/application are also outlined, along with the analysis of market share, growth rate and consumption in each application, which includes:
• Telecom
• IT
• Government and Public Sector

According to the findings, IT segment holds the maximum share of the global market because IT specialists are highly involved in the application and software development.

Moving further, the report has also profiled major players operating in the global market. Some of them are:
• Rackspace
• VersionOne
• Cisco
• Chef
• Docker Inc.
• Puppet Labs
• CollabNet
• Red Hat
• Saltstack
• XebiaLabs
• CA Technologies

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