Forex is a trading market and is, in fact, the most traded market in the world with a turnover rate of over five trillion dollars per day. Forex exchange, which is otherwise known as Forex or FX, means exchanging currency or money at an agreed rate of exchange on the OTC market, otherwise known as the over-the-counter market. There are many Forex trading platforms , you need to find the best Forex trading platform. Below, you can find out how to trade with Forex and some Forex trading strategies.

Step One: Learn the Terminology

If you want to trade with Forex, then you first need to learn how to speak like a trader. Learn the basics; like, what kind of currency you’re spending or getting rid of, as well as the exchange rate, the long position, the short position, the bid, the ask price, and the spread. All of these terminologies are absolutely necessary when you’re planning to trade with Forex.

Step Two: Read the Quote
The forex quote will show you two numbers; more specifically, you’ll see the bid price on the left and the asking price on the right. You must learn these.

Step Three: Decide Which Currency You Want to Selland Buy

This is pretty simple. You want to sell currency that is doing badly in exchange for currency that is doing well. You’ll want, for example, to exchange the U.S. Dollar if you think it’ll be doing badly for the currency of a country that you think will be doing better.

Step Four: Learn About Profits

You’ll need to measure the pip, which is the change in value between currencies. Multiply the number of pips by the exchange rate to get how much your account has increased or decreased.

Step Four: Analyze the Market

You can review the historical data and review charts to predict how the currencies are faring. You can also look at the economic fundamentals of a country, which ultimately will influence whether or not you exchange a specific currency.

Step Five: Determine Margins

Here, you should invest money to make trades.

Step Six: Order

There are several orders in which you can make. You can make a market order; wherein, you instruct your broker to finalize your currency exchange at the market rate. You can also have your broker finalize a trade at a specific price, or you can buy a currency above the market price.

Step Seven: Watch Profit and Loss

More than anything, you must be sure that you don’t get emotional. This is especially hard when you’re investing your hard-earned money

If you’re looking for a new market to trade in then Forex might just be the right place for you. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to make calculated and intelligent trades which will either allow you to gain money or lose it. There are several steps which you’ll have to go through in order to become a professional trader; most importantly, you have to begin with learning the terminology before you trade any currencies. Above, you can find the other steps to trading with Forex.