is one of the leading Deck Railing manufacturing companies in San Francisco Bay Area, California. They are a family owned and fabricate proprietary, pre- engineered railing systems for decks and stairs. They are in this industry for more than 50 years. They patent a new Deck railing system named as “Wedge Lock 3000”, which is considered as a best alternative to the traditional Cable Rail System.

In, they design, fabricate and install the deck rail. They are a proprietary and pre- manufacture of Deck Rail, stairs, gates, grills, canopies and more for past 50 years in California. They have about 15,000 sq.ft of work shop space in San Francisco bay area. All the products are made in United States and there works are fully compliant to the California Law. They have fabricated 100 of products and install their deck railing system in more than 50 countries.

Wedge Lock 3000

With nearly 50 years of experience, this company has patented a new Deck rail system for the California people to have a stylish deck rails in their home instead of the old fascinated cable rail system. Their patent deck rail system is named as “Wedge Lock 3000”. This deck rail system serves as a great solution for the people who want a new and contemporary style in their deck rails.

It is a superior quality Deck rail system when compare with the traditional cable rails. The cable rails have problems like invisible, sleek, sagging cable and more, whereas the patent deck rail acts as a perfect substitute for this cable rails. Wedge Lock 3000 has floating corners, smaller posts, fewer horizontals and no visible fasteners. They also provide the various color option, color comparison for the deck rail system. They also has patent another type of deck rail in this system by using glass, which is named as “Glass Lock 3000”.


Deck- is one of the leading Deck Railing manufactures in San Francisco Bay area, California. They are providing their service for about 50 years in this industry. Their patented Deck Rail system –Wedge Lock 3000 is durable, eco- friendly and economical too. They do their own designing, fabrication and installation process. They strive to provide the best quality deck rails to customers. For more information, visit our website

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