LOS ANGELES – March 13, 2017 – Today, Flyr (www.flyrtv.com) launches the first interactive storytelling platform, enabling instant hypermedia content creation through automated design and video editing. Social media videos that used to take hours to produce now take seconds to create and share.

Industry leader and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg refers to video as a “mega trend, on the same order as mobile,” and Flyr has created an innovative new way for consumers and brands to create stunning mobile videos on the fly – – the true democratization of video storytelling.

Using Flyr’s “Tinder for Graphic Design” creation tools, Snapchat Discover-style videos can be easily designed with simple tap and swipe gestures. Flyr’s AI powered story creation works in 2 ways: it algorithmically generates unlimited combinations of layouts, colors and designs, while also suggesting millions of photos, videos and GIFs based upon your story.

The stories are played through Flyr’s proprietary rendering/game engine, making videos interactive, editable and able to link to anywhere on the internet.

According to co-founder Hassan Uriostegui, “When I moved from Mexico, it was my dream to revolutionize video creation and bring the power of storytelling to all the citizens of the digital world. Flyr is a realization of my life-long ambition.”

Flyr also features:
– Instant video creation and editing: Users can find and insert almost any online media asset, allowing for lightning-fast editing, without lengthy render and upload times.
– Robust hyperlinks: Add hyperlinks with the ability for users to go to any website, article, product or video.
– Real-time editing: Stories can be modified before or after publishing, making story creation as flexible as editing a Tumblr-style blog.
– Responsive export: Flyr can intelligently export content to fit any social media format or size, including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Apple Messages.
– Power swipe layout editor: Flyr’s Power Swipe provides an unlimited number of layouts, colors, fonts and filters for you to choose from.

Powered by its technology and editorial team, Flyr has created a Snapchat Discover-style media network. Launching with an initial 6 premium channels, Flyr is filled to the brim with quick, eye-catching videos, from action sports and tech reviews to memes and fails.

Flyr was created by Hassan Uriostegui and serial tech entrepreneur Brett O’Brien. Together, they wanted to create a new, interactive experience where anyone can create and enjoy entertaining video stories.

Flyr raised its $5 million Series A financing from a high value network of angel investors, including entrepreneurs and executives from the technology, investment banking and entertainment industries.

To see how Flyr works, check out the demo: http://bit.ly/FlyrDemo