LOS ANGELES – Power Level Productions
(www.powerlevelproductions.com) is a live event and marketing strategy firm specializing in pop-culture and cross culture events. The Power Level design philosophy is “aesthetically bold, data-informed, and fan-centered.”

Building a loyal fandom is harder than ever. Fans have more options than ever in what, where and when they engage their media. Power Level leverages market research and experiential data to channel fandom and culture in genuine ways for industry. Power Level’s “production + psychology” approach builds loyalty and impact in every event.

“We have experience driving engagement with some of the biggest brands in pop-culture. Our unique understanding of how to align business and marketing goals, fandom expectations, and contemporary cultural reality helps us connect people with content they love.” says Ian Tingen, CEO of Power Level Productions. “If you treat your events as throwaway, so will your attendees. We build events that are gateways to stronger relationships between fans and brands.”

Before coming to Power Level, Tingen has drawn engaged audiences at notable events: Sundance Film Festival, Anime Expo, and beyond. Operations Director Hyuga Takagi engineered the success of Japan Week in NYC, and laid the groundwork for Smash Corner’s growth.

With more than a decade of diverse experience, Power Level’s team has worked side-by-side with brands like Intel, Fullscreen Media, Funimation, MakeStuff and Sony Music to build captivating, memorable experiences for fans.

Power Level will soon be announcing its 2017 events across Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. To learn more about Power Level, visit the website at powerlevelproductions.com or email contact@powerlevelproductions.com.

Follow Power Level Events via social media @powerlevelpro (on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch.tv).

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