Frisco, TX 2017/ Press Release: If you are suffering from back pain due to poor posture, muscle overuse or an injury, visit the spine specialists at OrthoTexas, Frisco. The doctors provide efficient treatment for acute as well as chronic upper, middle and lower back pain. The specialists make use of surgical and non-surgical techniques to alleviate pain and help patients return to everyday activities.

The doctors will carefully evaluate the patient’s condition and accordingly design an individualized treatment plan. They are committed to providing quality healthcare to all their patients’ by applying multidisciplinary pain management approach.

Back Pain Specialists in Frisco, TX

Dr. Richard Burg, M.D. – The board certified spine surgeon has an extensive experience in treating various spinal deformities using noninvasive techniques. His area of specialization includes laser spine surgery, spinal decompression, spinal stenosis surgery, laser spine surgery etc. The doctor also provides treatment for various sport injuries related to neck and back.

Dr. Aine P. Mckenzie, M.D – The board certified physiatrist has an extensive experience in the field of sports medicine and electro-diagnostics. She is known for treating spinal disorders with non-surgical procedures. The doctor has helped several patients in Frisco by providing them with comprehensive treatment plans for their acute or chronic back pain.

In addition to offering extensive medical care, the doctors at OrthoTexas, Frisco actively participate and contribute in the latest researches related to back pain. They also suggest rehabilitation exercises to the patients to speed up the recovery process and are extremely committed towards their wellbeing.

To book an appointment with the back pain specialists in OrthoTexas, Frisco, call at (214) 618-5502 or visit 5757 Warren Pkwy, Suite 180, Frisco, TX 75034. For more information about the healthcare services provided, you can log on to their website