The concept of property is something that many of us understand. For instance, when it comes to real estate, property is the home and it can be touched, lived in and we can walk into it. This is something simple and it is something ergo and real. When it comes to intellectual property, it is something different and it generally begins as an idea, takes form and becomes a television show, a game, a film, a book or any other similar creation that people can play with, watch, read or otherwise recognize. The World Intellectual Property Organization, shortly called as WIPO defines this concept in the following way:

Intellectual Property is something that pertains to the items of knowledge or information, which can be incorporated into viewable/touchable objects at the same time, in an unlimited number of copies at varied locations anywhere in the world. The thing about IP rights is that they are limited to specific duration in the case of patents and copyrights. Farjami LLP states that an IP is something that differs from real estate in many key ways. It is the production of imagination and a very difficult thing for measuring or defining. This property can be stolen easily, can be pirated or can also be simply ripped off. In fact, some countries in the world, have no intellectual property agreements beyond international borders.

Like a house or other property, Farjami LLP states that an IP can be bought and can be sold. It can be sold off in parts, which generally delivers increased revenue to the owner of an IP. For instance, rights to a copyrighted book can be sold off in varied formats. This can be done as long as the sale does not conflict with rights agreements that are already in place.

When the copies of the patented, copyrighted or trademarked good is broken, the owner of the same can get the help of Farjami & Farjami LLP to file a case against the person, who copied the product idea. This law firm can also provide the right kind of protection to the owners of the properties to safeguard their rights from getting copied by others.

Farjami & Farjami LLP can help these owners to get the right compensation for damages, when they find that their work has been copied. In addition to providing protection. When there is infringement, these owners can immediately seek the help of such a law firm.

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