“I dedicate this award to all the independent Musician in the country, Thank you for all the love & appreciation I have received over the years. I would like to dedicate this award to each person who has contributed in my journey” says Varun Prabhudayal Gupta founder of Ampliify Times Record Label after winning The Digital Content with Start Up of The Year for his venture of Independence Music Ampliify Times Record Label at Talent Track Awards

After carving a niche in promoting independent artists and nurturing their talent, Varun Prabhudayal Gupta was appreciated for his efforts at the award show. With the growing number of talented singers & musicians, Varun Prabhudayal Gupta has given a platform & acknowledged the efforts of a no. of independent artist from India as well as other international countries “It has been my endeavor to promote and appreciate the talents in the independent music segment. We as a country are huge music lovers with a pool of talented artists and at Ampliify Times Record Label we provide an exclusive platform to these artists to reach out to millions of fans across the globe. I would like to Share this award with my partners One Digital Network & the music legend Richa sharma without which this journey would not have been possible”