Honeymoons are special, because it is the first time that two people are vacationing together as a married couple. Some people want their honeymoons to be calm, low-key, and relaxing; while others want as many adventures as they can find. For those that are looking for one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations, a honeymoon in Italy is on the top of the list.

Venice and romance go hand in hand and every honeymooner should experience a romantic gondola ride along the waterways in this beautiful city. During the day, couples can ride the gondolas or other water taxis to do some shopping and at night they can relax and kiss as they float underneath the stars.

Days spent in Tuscany are calm and relaxing, because the way of life is completely different in this region. Couples can walk along the cobblestone streets while looking at the architecture and natural beauty of the area. No one will want to leave Tuscany without visiting one of the numerous vineyards and going on a wine tour. A
honeymoon in Tuscany will surely not be forgotten.

There are too many villages to count along the Amalfi Coast and each one is more breathtaking than the one before. Couples can walk along the coast or take a ride on the water, while looking at the mountains and vineyards in the background.

Couples that want to really experience true Italian life and culture will want to visit Cilento. The area is rich in history and the locals stay true to themselves and their history in this city.

Naples is a busy city, so couples who are looking for quiet and relaxation might want to think twice before planning a honeymoon here. While quiet is not guaranteed everywhere in Naples, many people do succeed in relaxing at the beach as they sit in the sand or swim out in the ocean. There are many different restaurants and shops that people can enjoy during the day or at night and the nightlife is incredible. This might be the perfect destination for couples who are looking for both peace and quiet and adventure together at the same time.

Rome has many attractions, but the ones that most people visit are the Roman Coliseum, the Pantheon, and the Spanish Steps. This city might be the choice for many couples, especially if they know that they will not get back to Italy any time soon.

An Italian honeymoon can be a fantastic experience, especially since this country is filled with romance. The views, attractions, and food only add to the ambiance that most couples will feel while visiting this wonderful country.