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Contact Hawaii Housekeeping Services To Maintain Your Vacation Home Clean And Hygienic

The vacation homes need to be well maintained to attract the guests for a stay in the premises. But regular cleaning of the short term vacation homes is not an easy task for the owners and hence they can actually check out for the professional housekeeping services that offers comprehensive property cleaning solutions all on a single platform. The Hawaii housekeeping services offer their professional staff that are fully licensed, insured and bonded to handle the cleaning job to ensure your vacation property is immaculately cleaned to welcome the guests. While you can relax and involve in other activities the cleaning services shall take charge of maintaining your short term vacation homes in the best condition that surely impress the guests with the kind of maintenance services being offered at your premises.

The vacation home cleaning Honolulu services offer both basic cleaning packages as well as add on services for you to make a choice. The general cleaning services include on time sweeping and mopping of the floors, dusting the surfaces, cleaning the counter tops, vacuuming cleaning the furniture, wipe the appliances in the rooms, keep the bathrooms and shower clean and hygienic, polish the mirrors and also change the linens and towels provided by you to keep your guest quite comfortable in the hygienic and clean environment in the vacation home. Along with this you can also request for the regular supplies to your vacation home from the vacation home cleaning Honolulu services who shall supply paper towels, toilet paper, tooth brush, conditioner shampoo, face & body sachet, floss, dish soap, comb, cotton pads, Q tip and also nail fillers as complimentary products to the guests for their personal use in your rental home. Similarly, the home cleaning company also offer their services for product restocking, towels and bed linens for your guests that are professional washed to offer your guests a clean environment in your vacation home.

You can be assured about quality services offered by the Hawaii housekeeping services as all the cleaners have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in the cleaning industry and are also individually trained with their cleaning methods to provide best services to the clients. As they also undergo thorough background checks you need not worry about the security issues in hiring these cleaners from the Hawaii housekeeping services. With just a phone call you can avail the professional cleaning services that have the best skills and experience in offering customised cleaning solutions suitable to the client’s requirements.

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Benefits You Didn’t Know About White Topaz Gemstone

Gemstones have an important role to play in our lives, each being different from the others in some way. Natural Gemstones are known for their beauty, magnificence and peculiarity. These Gemstones are also associated with birth dates, i.e., each precious and semi-precious stone is associated with a month and in turn with the birthdays falling in that month.

Topaz occurs in plethora of colours such as white, red, orange to list a few. Out of them, White Topaz is the most affordable gemstones. Wearing White Topaz in any form can control several health-related issues as well as mental disturbances. White Topaz is a gemstone that provides soothing effects and direct energy to the wearer. It increases consciousness, thoughts and also helps to heal karmic effects.

Read below, the benefits of Topaz Gemstone:

• Brings about joy and happiness
• Maintains a good psychological state
• Brings about good luck in one’s life
• Reduces stress, thus providing relief to people suffering from anxiety and restlessness.
• Brings about clarity in mind as well as vision
• Improves memory as well as improving self-confidence
• Brings clarity in communication-related problems
• Imparts healing power to body, mind and soul
• Heals those who are suffering from chronic depression
• Provides an intuitive thinking which leads to growth in personal life

Saharasha Chakra (Crown Wheel) is related to White Topaz Gemstone. Planet Venus is the ruling planet of this gemstone. This gemstone helps to increase the wearer’s memory and increases confidence. It has a very remarkable energy that can help to remove negative chi (energy) and provides one with positive and pleasant energy. Astrologically, White Topaz also known as Silver Topaz or Clear Topaz has an effect on Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. It can remove the malefic influences of these planets. It is good for the zodiac sign Sagittarius that belongs to Jupiter, the planet of growth and prosperity.

Original White Topaz Gemstone is highly commanded for the person who is suffering from a trauma or great shock. This is also known as the lover of “gold” as it is bringing wealth and money. It helps in assisting the leadership. The stone helps an individual to control his or her angers and also reduce worries. People suffering from a specific phobia are often recommended to wear a Topaz stone. Natural White Topaz or White Topaz Gemstone by ‘AstroDevam’, are potentiated with celestial powers, well energized by Āchary Kalki Krishnan.

New UV Printer & Phone Case Printer Bring Amazing Business Growth Possibilities

Shenzhen City, China; 28, February 2017: There are different types of printers available with China based World Best Import & Export Company that can be used for different purposes. They have printers that can be used for printing on the coffee or beverage surfaces and also printers that are perfect for printing on phone cases and covers. All these printers are easy to use and are available at economical prices.

According to the spokesperson of the company, one can choose their Drinks and Coffee Printer for printing on the surface of the beverage with edible food grade ink. Available with customized software, it is fully automatic to print on the beverage surface at a fast pace. This smart printing technology can allow restaurants, coffee shops and others to serve custom designed beverages to their customers. This can allow them to lure new customers and grow their business.

The company supplies the Phone Case Printer that can be used to print directly on phone cases made of PVC, PU, leather, plastic and other surfaces. It uses the non coating printing technique and there is no need of pre-processing of the surface before printing. One can use it to print different types of images and patterns to help customize the phone cover or the phone case. It can also be used for printing on PVC cards.

One can also purchase a small size UV Printer that can print in the maximum area of 16 x 31CM and the maximum print height can be 0-50MM. It uses the LED UV flatbed non-coated printing and can also print in white color. It can print virtually on any material, without a need of coating or pretreatment. It can also print images with embossed effects that look highly impressive. It also allows a fast printing and the UV drink dries immediately after printing. One can learn more about these printers and their features by visiting the website

About World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd.:

World Best Import & Export Company is a leading company which is registered in Hong Kong and working for solutions of Flatbed Inkjet Printing. The company’s main products include Multifunction Printer, Card Printer, Customized Gift Printer, T-shirt and garments Printer, Food Printer, Hot stamping Printer, 3D Printer and Special Printer. They are specialized in the manufacture and export of flatbed printer for more than 6 years. They have more than 5 factories in China mainland,

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: William
Telephone: 0086-18665301181
Skype: williamguan1989

Seair Exim Solutions, The Best Site To Rely For Traded Products HS Classification Codes!

Knowing the correct HS codes holds paramount importance for traders who want to establish result driven trade relations with partners all across the globe. HS coding is a generic tariff and product classification nomenclature that allows traders to refer to all those goods and commodities that are being traded. Along with this information, data related to shipments and tariffs is also a part of this classification that comes in the form of 6 digit HS codes.

For traders who want to get correct facts on HS classification codes, sites such as Seair Exim Solutions promise to act of big help. This is one such site that covers all major commodities being traded on the global scale and thus referring to the classification becomes easy. Not only this, there is detailed information on the tariff nomenclature too and this is what enables traders learn about the overhead costs that need to be paid to send or receive the shipment.

Spokesperson at Seair Exim Solutions stated, “To find HS codes on our site, one just needs to enter in the product name and complete information on the HS classification codes can be obtained.” He also stated that, “We have information on the tariff code, Schedule B along with other components, thus Seair Exim Solutions promises to act as a one stop shop for all trade related information.”

With the structure of site being extremely simple and easy, even the one who has not used any data services before wont face any trouble getting the HS Classification Codes.

Goldman Sachs Sponsored IIM Bangalore “Women Startup Programme” Selects 15 Ideas to Incubate

*India’s first customized online and classroom startup programme for women enters final phase
*Three-week boot camp completed for 50 startups initiated by women entrepreneurs-in-the-making

Bengaluru, India, February 26, 2017 – The NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB) and Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS), a leading global investment bank and active investor in India, selected 15 women entrepreneurs-in-the- making and their ideas for incubation over the next year as the final phase of its Women Startup Programme, India’s first customized online and classroom training programme designed to grow the next generation of female entrepreneurs.

The 15 women selected to incubate at IIMB will receive a fellowship of 40,000 rupees per month, while they further develop their business idea with the goal of starting a successful venture.

Launched in November 2016, the Women Startup Programme drew more than 1,700 aspiring female entrepreneurs from across the country for a five-week online course focused on encouraging women to systematically identify and test their business ideas. Afterwards, 50 women entrepreneurs were selected to attend a three-week boot camp at IIMB to enable each participant to develop a robust “problem-solution” methodology for comprehending the success and sustainability of their ventures.
The final round culminated in a one-on-one demo day on February 25 where participants presented to a
panel of entrepreneurs, Goldman Sachs professionals, and business leaders, including PC Mustafa, founder & CEO of ID Fresh Food; Manish Singhal, founding partner of Pi Ventures; and Abhay Hanjura, founder & CEO of Licious.

“Since 2008, through our 10,000 Women initiative, Goldman Sachs has been investing globally and in India in the economic empowerment of women through education and access to capital,” said Sonjoy Chatterjee, chairman and co-CEO of Goldman Sachs (India). “The innovative business ideas developed through this mass outreach online and classroom programme reflect the entrepreneurial talent in India and the tremendous potential of women entrepreneurs,” he added.

Prof. Suresh Bhagavatula, Program Director at IIMB and Chairperson, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Development, NSRCEL at IIMB, said “Technology, either as the core business idea or using technology to

scale, was a key theme in the programme. Many ideas also focused on community. Through the boot camp, our women entrepreneurs-in-the-making were able to learn and apply business acumen and technology expertise to help their ideas continue to grow into a viable business.”

The 15 selected ideas from the women entrepreneurs-in-the-making ranged across a variety of topics, including matching volunteers to social causes, specialized healthcare systems, and customized social networks.

Boot Camp

The three-week boot camp, which was offered at no cost, provided 50 participants with an opportunity to network with successful women entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, MBA students from IIMB, and Goldman Sachs professionals. Participants also received classroom instruction on developing a business plan, understanding costing and pricing, sales and marketing, and negotiation skills. Participants traveled from as far as Srinagar from Jammu and Kashmir to take part. The average age of the class was 34 with youngest women being 22 years old and the oldest being 53.

Shreya, a homemaker for over 10 years, who previously had a boutique selling designer wear for
women, participated in the programme and said, “I have benefited immensely from this IIMB boot
camp. After taking the time to focus on my family for the past decade, this residential boot camp format with like-minded women has exposed me to the tools, processes and mentorship necessary to translate my concept into a working idea. Most importantly it has instilled in me the ambition, energy and confidence needed to launch my own business. My life has transformed in the last two months.”