Venue ownership is the latest fad in the event management industry in India: Shubhra Bharadwaj, the iconic event management professional, who among others handled IPL 2016 opening ceremony

Reliance Jio, Zee Live are betting big in venue ownership: Shubhra Bharadwaj

Marlin Event, the event management company of Madam Tussauds, the wax museum in London is foraying into India: says event management expert

FICCI FLO members learn event management lessons from Intl Event Planning Powerhouse Shubhra Bharadwaj

Shubhra Bharadwaj want government to give push to event management company as they don’t get bank limits due to non-tangible collaterals.

Hyderabad, February 28, 2017…… Venue ownership is the latest trend going on in the event management industry in abroad as well as here in India informed Shubhra Bharadwaj, the iconic event management professional, who among others handled IPL 2016 opening ceremony.

The only owner of the company who is a creative director in the event management industry in India, Subhra Bharadwaj is considered as the International Event Planning Powerhouse. She is known for managing large-scale events in the field of sports, performing arts & entertainment. She has been instrumental in the production, direction, and execution of several stage shows, festivals and large open-air stadium events in India and abroad such as –World Cup Kabaddi 2013; Punjab, Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010; First South Asian Winter Games Dehradun & Auli 2011; Kerala Handover Ceremony at National Games Ranchi 2011; Doha Asian Games 2006. She also acts as an advisor to government bodies both at the national and international level and helps them in conceptualizing and creating various events. She is a founder of Worldfest, an international performing arts festival.

Addressing the 150 plus gathering of FICCI Ladies Organization members in a city hotel, she said venue ownership by event management companies is catching up. The Live Nation Entertainment, the largest live entertainment company, operates concert … sponsorship, ticketing solutions, e-commerce, artist management owns 175 venues, artists and ticketing portal. Event Management companies in India must also own venues, she said.

Reliance Jio, Zee Live are already entering into this. Zee Live has already announced its plan to invest Rs 600crore, she said.

Marlin Event, the event management company of Madam Tussauds, the wax museum in London is foraying into India she informed.

The event management industry has come of the age. Events have come of the time. We may or may not have newspapers, TVs, but, event management industry is going to flourish in India she said.

The event management companies in India need to spread to tier-2 and tier-2 cities like in the west, she said

Event management industry is going green. Eco friendly events are very much possible and they are happening too, informed Shubhra.

Speaking further Subhra added that the event management industry is recognized as service industry by the government. The industry is also getting united. But, the industry doesn’t get bank limits like SMEs because intangible collaterals. Event industry wants government to give it a push.

Shubhra was speaking about life, inspiration and hardwork, the three manthras. She is known for mega events conducted in 50 countries. She is also planning to start a Degree Course in Event Management Industry in Lavasa.

Shubhra described her event management company FerrisWheel as game changer. We are bidding for IPL 2017 tomorrow she informed. We have handled IPL 2016 inauguration with 3000 people working behind the event. We have grown from one person to 300 persons event management company she informed. We have been growing 200 per cent year on year, she added.

Live is full of occasions. Each occasion now a day is a big event. FICCI FLO members learned event management lessons from International Event Planning Powerhouse Shubhra Bharadwaj. She was in the city today and was in conversation with Ratna Rao Shekhar, Editor, and Writer in a city hotel.

I enjoy large-scale public events like stadium ceremonies for games or state celebrations the most. I like the challenges involved in how we convert an average stadium into a spectacular show venue. Also, it’s exciting to have thousands of cast and scope to make superb props and costumes and experiment technically, says Shubhra.

Shubhra’s experience is handling events like the Commonwealth Games 2010, and the Doha Asian Games is enormous. She is an iconic figure in International Event Management Circuit. She has come a long way through her work. She is fond of facing challenges. No problem is big, and no challenge is small. I always make a fresh attempt at every event forgetting that I carry so many years of experience, she says.

The first experience of an event management comes naturally out of managing many family events. Now corporate events, weddings have come of age. People and corporates are more conscious of their image. It is important that FLO members equip themselves event management aspects as well. It is in this context we have invited Shubhra Bharadwaj, an iconic figure in managing large scale events in India. Our members will learn some important insights of the same, informed Padma Rajgopal, Chairperson of FLO Hyderabad Chapter in her welcome address.

Ever since Padma Rajgopal took over the mantle of Hyderabad Chapter has organized sessions on diversified subjects for the benefit of the members. In her penultimate month of the year, she lined up this session to teach its members some important aspects of event management and that too large scale sports, performing arts and entertainment. Shubhra is an expert in these areas.

You can reach Shubhra Bharadwaj on her mobile: 09324255218

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