Transcribing your audio and video recordings is a quick way to add content to your website, re-purpose content and document for those who prefer text. Find out how you can quickly create new content and re-purpose existing content.
Dallas, TX, USA – Feb 22, 2017: announces its transcription service for businesses who want to convert their audio and video recordings to text as blog content, product content, slides, PDFs and general text documents for record keeping or for dissemination to staff and customers and even to the media.
In a statement Mr. Olayode, a spokesperson for, explains the need to get transcriptionists to convert recorded business meetings, seminars and conferences to text for archival purposes, for dissemination to participants, for sending as related material to the media and to prospects and customers. Content can be re-purposed if you simply transcribe it into text. Why waste such a resource? Mr. Olayode reiterates.
Mr Olayode states that if you are short on time but need good relevant content developed for your website, buy a small inexpensive audio recorder or use your smart phone or your laptop and start recording your thoughts. You can do so while commuting, taking a walk, doing chores at home. In the morning, send the recording to them and they will transcribe them, add images, and upload them to your website if you so desire. Without any massive effort, you end up adding good solid content to your website.
You can explore their transcription services at