Do you want to get brighter and whiter teeth in short span of time? If yes, then you should go for teeth whitening. Yes, this is an amazing and quicker way to get naturally white and bright teeth. This is an easy and affordable way to enhance your smile. Everybody knows smile creates a subconscious, immediate and visual impact on people you talk or meet. Many people consider a bright smile as healthy smile.
A brighter smile always gives an impression of vitality, youth happiness, warmth and radiant health. You should consult with best dentist in your city to learn more about the process and which whitening procedure would be best fit for you. No doubt, this treatment is one of the most affordable or economical ways to make your smile bright and enhance its charm.
This procedure can prove very effective and beneficial way of lightening the natural colour of teeth without removing tooth surface during the treatment. It lightens the existing shade of teeth without changing complete colour.
Why do get your teeth whitened?
We have listed some reasons, have a look below:
• There are various reasons people choose teeth whitening but everyone go for it for different reason. Our teeth colour varies as our skin or hair colour and hardly few people have brilliantly or naturally white teeth.
• Teeth become more discoloured as you get older
• Teeth can be stained on surface by drinks and food like coffee, tea, red wine and many more things.
• Smoking may be the main cause of stain or discoloured teeth
• Tartar or Calculus may also be responsible for your discoloured or stained teeth
• Certain antibiotics can cause stained teeth surface
What does tooth whitening treatment involve?
Most usual method of Teeth Whitening los Angeles involves professional bleaching. Your dentist will supervise your dental condition and tell you if you are suitable for it or not. He put a gel or rubber shield on gums in order to protect your gums. Next phase involves application of whitening product to the tooth with the help of mouth guard.
This whitening product usually contains some active ingredients like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. These ingredients break down and make the tooth colour lighter. It is very effective technique that last up to 3 years.
How to treat sensitive teeth after teeth whitening?
Sometimes teeth can be sensitive after going through teeth whitening treatment. There are some options given below, you can use these options in order to reduce pain, if it occurs:
Sensitivity Toothpaste: You can use sensitivity toothpaste as it contains potassium nitrate that helps reduce pain.
Stop using whitening products: you can avoid whitening for a while in order to relieve pain.
Chew Gum: More saliva produces when you chew gum and it distracts people from feeling of pain.
Here we have provided almost all information about the process of teeth whitening. Hope you find this post useful. Do comment and post query if any.
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