The hospitality industry is one of the leading users of new technology to meet the evolving needs of people far and wide. The particular client of the SharePoint consulting Services Company or the service provider in UK provides consulting services to manage the implementation of MIS systems, which serve local as well as international sectors. Moreover, the client requires a task management software that uses SharePoint and C#. The tools and technologies used to create the task management system include the Microsoft Office SharePoint server, MS SharePoint, C# and SQL Server.

The hospitality industry is the most vital business sector for economic growth, in which good management and facilities play an integral role. In restaurant chains, most of the tasks were manually handled and information distributed over various branches, creating problems in daily collaboration. Was it at stake is the quality of the services and it was also hard to manage discrete resources. The client was looking for an app that could handle the chained restaurants’ complex internal flow, despite isolated departments and branches.

The key challenges that the SharePoint experts in the software development company in the United Kingdom has to overcome include creating a solution that:

1. Could fill the gap into the existing workflow, enhance and smoothen it, manage business critical documents as well as confidential contents that efficiently and effectively at a central repository to respond to the business requirement and generate income.

2. The system should also be able to create a single business network system, which unites HR group, personal and hotel workflow together and keep tabs of employee budget accurately based on branch and region, employee contracts, employee transfer details and employee payment.

3. Effective matrixes and reports that could offer information on availability of man-power across various regions and branches.

4. Easy administration that preferences and configuration setting enables to manage permissions and access across various regions and user groups with customizable configuration parameters.

5. Management of different requests, including handling and raising complaints, job orders, request of equipment supply for maintenance supervisor and vehicle maintenance jobs.

The service provider has built a solution called the Task Management System that has an enterprise-grade security, robust service level agreements, and single sign-on for easy user management that are intended to centrally manage requests and documents. The system drastically minimized the volume of paper work, increased productivity via boosting existing process flow and eradicating manual work.