SCION Instruments announces major improvements to its offerings at PITTCON 2017

February 22nd 2017, Austin, TX: SCION Instruments, the world-renowned designer and manufacturer of GC, GC-MS systems and accessories will be announcing a number of improvements and upgrades to its portfolio of offerings on its booth (#1644) at this year’s PITTCON event, to be held in Chicago, IL from 5-9 March 2017. Firstly, the company announces the release of its CompassCDS software platform v4.0, which features new capabilities that extend its applicability to a wider range of laboratories. CompassCDS brings more than 20 years of customer experience and development, and provides a user-friendly and application-rich GUI with unique integration and extended calculation and reporting capabilities.

SCION will also be announcing new GC analyzer solutions, which tailor the capabilities of gas chromatography systems to meet specific analytical requirements. New analyzer solutions include the SCION SPT (Sample Pre-concentration Trap), a powerful tool to help chromatographers perform low level determinations, and a system for gas analysis, allowing extreme fast analysis with a large dynamic range.

Finally, SCION announces new and improved service contract structures and pricing for the USA in 2017 on its PITTCON booth. The agreements mean that laboratories with GC and GC-MS instruments from Bruker, Varian and SCION are all able to be serviced directly by SCION. Services include a full range of preventative maintenance and emergency call-out contracts and are available across the US.
SCION Instruments will be showcasing a variety of its equipment on its booth at PITTCON. To learn more about any of these announcements or to discuss bespoke solutions for your GC or GC-MS challenges, visit booth #1644.

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