When it comes to safeguarding the brand identity of any company, trademark registration is something important. When this task is done, the organization will turn out to be the legal owner of the name. Also, according to the law, no other person or company or any other entity can use the similar or confusing name for selling their products or services. In the current competitive business market, trademark registration is highly important for any business to prosper.

Trademark comes under the category of intellectual property rights and there are law firms that are specialized in registering the brands for individuals and organizations under this property right for people seeking their help. Even, the law firms like Farjami LLP, who are specialized in all types of intellectual property laws like trademark, copyright, patent and trade secrets can also help people in case their registered brands are used by other companies or individuals. For instance, when an organization finds that their trademark is being used by other company, they can just get in touch with Farjami & Farjami LLP for filing a case against the company for having used their trademark.

Trademark is fundamentally a logo, symbol, phrase or a combination of all these and with its registration, the organization will turn out to be the legal heir for the name and no other organization or individual can use the same name again under law. If they do this, it will be considered legal infringement and they can be punished under law for the same. This is where the efficient lawyers of Farjami LLP can help the organization, whose trademark is used by some other organization illegally, so that appropriate claim for the damages caused to the name of the product or services can be obtained. Here are some of the benefits, organizations can enjoy when they get their trademark registered:

Exclusive rights:

After registering, the organization will turn out to be the legal owner of the name, logo or slogan. As per law, no other organization has the authority to use the same type of logo, slogan or name for their products or services.

Infringement prevention:

Even though, business environment is competitive, many times, companies resort for unhealthy competition. They begin to sell their products or service on the brand name of other organizations. So, with the help of Farjami & Farjami LLP, organization can prevent infringement of their brand name or logo and can play safe in the competitive business arena.

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