Dublin, Ireland, Feb 2017 – Globe Doctor Limited, owner of globedoctor.com, the multilingual portal of medical facilities worldwide is giving an opportunity to their patients to know about medical facilities home and abroad on their website.

Medical tourism offers the advantage of saving money and getting the treatment you need without waiting. The patients can gain information about the medical tourism facilities on their global directory. They can find doctors from different countries for various medical conditions on the portal. The patients who wish to avail treatment abroad can easily contact the medical facilities from the website, and compare the best facilities available online to find the right doctor in the right country.

Medical treatments abroad are widely popular due to various benefits, they offers. Some benefits of availing medical facilities abroad are low price rates, good service, exceptional quality, easy availability, and Tourism of course. Globe Doctor is a multi-lingual site. At present the portal is available in various languages like Spanish, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Turkish and Hungarian. Not only this, with the help of this portal even the English speaking patients can find good English speaking doctors and clinic staff in non-English speaking countries. This gives them an advantage over others as they can freely travel abroad for treatment without bothering about the language barrier.

If you too are looking forward for a treatment or surgery abroad, then don’t forget to log on to the website of Globe Doctor Limited. For any other query email them at info@globedoctor.com.

About the company: Globe Doctor Limited, is an Irish company, founded with a goal to improve health care in the world. Their website GlobeDoctor.com was launched in 2015 and serves as a multi lingual directory of medical facilities worldwide. It helps the patients to decide the best destination and best healthcare provider for their medical needs.

Contact Details:
David Fiala, Managing Director
Globe Doctor Limited
6 – 9 Trinity Street
Dublin 2