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13 February 2017 – Russian Saint Petersburg Travel Company presents interesting tours in the biggest and most wonderful cities of Russia, Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Besides these two destinations, you can opt for combined tour in both cities, choose other tours in Russia or even create your own unique program and visit the places you would like and which are really interesting for you.
In the category on the website, called Tours & Excursions, are following subcategories: St. Petersburg Tours, Moscow Tours, Russia Tours, Our Specialties and Create Your Own Tour. In St. Petersburg Tours you can choose Visa Free Shore Excursions, Excursions in St. Petersburg and St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour. In Moscow Tours you can choose Excursions in Moscow and St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour. In Russia Tours you can choose The Golden Ring, Valaam and Kizhi, Great Novgorod, Trans-Siberian Express and St. Petersburg and Moscow Tour. In Our Specialties subcategory you can make an appointment to Russian Banya, visit the Museum of Russian Vodka, try out Russian Cuisine, in following restaurants: Admiralty, Demidov, St. Petersburg, Sadko, Kazemat, Dvoryanskoye Gnezdo, Na Zdorovye! and Podvorie. In subcategory Create Your Own Tour, you can develop a totally different tour considering your personal preferences and desires. All you have to do is to tell when you want to have the tour, your approximate budget and special requirements. After this you will get an individual travel program from Russian Saint Petersburg Travel Website.
In addition to travel tours and excursions, Russian Saint Petersburg Travel Website provides other services which will transform your experience in Russia into the most comfortable and memorable. You can get help in regards to Russian Visa, Airport Transfers, Private Tour Guides, Train Tickets, Theater Tickets, Learning of Russian Language, Accommodation, Car Rental or Bike Rental. For those travelers who would like to immerse into a culture of country where they are traveling was created a category on website called Russia Factbook. Here are shared various facts, tips and recommendations you should know before visiting Russia. Any person will find something useful and interesting in subcategories: Highlights About Russia, Tips on Visiting Russia, Russian Public Holidays, Weather in Russia, Photo Gallery and Did You Know list of facts.
About RSPB Travel:
RSPB Travel is a US based company with offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. The company was opened to deal with incoming travel services in St. Petersburg and rest of Russia.

Company Name: RSPB Travel
Phone: +1-914-595-6700

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